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Empowering healthcare through strategic pharmaceutical partnerships.

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Track Record of Success

Proven track record of successfully launching and marketing pharmaceutical products in the target market.

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Compliance and Ethics

Commitment to ethical business practices, compliance with regulations, and adherence to industry standards.

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Cultural and Linguistic Competence

Cultural sensitivity and language proficiency to effectively communicate and engage with local stakeholders.

Partnerships and Distributorships

Acidosalus B Medik partners

Marina Lab Opus, Croatia

Marina Lab Opus is a family owned company specializing in the production of medical products, cosmetics, cosmetics, and dietary supplements. Their focus is on manufacturing high-quality, safe, and effective products in compliance with legal regulations and international standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003, while continually aiming to achieve customer satisfaction.

Biovico logo

Biovico, Poland

Biovico is a biotechnology and pharmaceutical company focused on researching and developing innovative and rigorously tested advanced medical biotechnology. They provide comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of patients around the world. With decades of experience in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, they are a trusted partner in healthcare solutions.


Reveal, United States

Reveal Lasers is a global leader in the innovation of minimally invasive surgical procedures, medical treatments and aesthetic solutions for. Skills and expertise primarily encompass the development of energy-based technologies. Our values comprise a commitment to full customer satisfaction combined with a firm dedication to supporting our network of clinics and distributors worldwide.

Nithya logo


Nithya collagen is Euroresearch’s division, an Italian company that was founded in 1983. It operates in various pharmaceutical fields, with particular focus on research and development, marketing, licensing and trading. Based on this experience, Euroresearch developed the idea of investing in new technological solutions in the following areas: aesthetic medicine, traumatology and dentistry.

Guna Logo

LV-Pharm, Serbia

Guna is the leading Italian company in the field of Integrative Medicine and is lauded for its innovative, state of the art formulas and exemplary product quality, as well as its comprehensive medical and scientific research programs. GUNA’s innovative range of high-quality drugs and medical devices is designed and developed in its pharmaceutical factory in Milan, Italy.